Tiffany Joyner, Hub Operations Director, Cityblock Health

Health care may be local, but caring is personal. North Carolina is my home, and the needs of my community are real to me. I know the challenges of people who feel marginalized by the system, and I work to help them get medical and social services to live healthier lives. Nothing is as urgent as a person in need, and nothing is as important as making a difference in that person’s life. It’s my “why.” …

We’re excited to announce a new Medium publication from the Cityblock team: “Care + Code.”

We’ll be surfacing our mission-driven technology, highlighting work our product teams are working on, and sharing examples of how engineering and clinical experts working in unison lead to wonderful outcomes.

Our first post is from Cityblock Product Designer, Kyle Decker. Read more on their research and findings on how technology can be designed from a trauma-informed lens.

Cityblock has proven that their model works, and now it’s time to rapidly scale. I’m privileged to join as COO.

Mitch Betses

My name is Mitch Betses and I am privileged to be Cityblock’s new Chief Operating Officer.

I joined Cityblock as I believe it has the most critical and compelling mission in healthcare today, and I want to leverage my years of healthcare operations leadership experience to ensure the success and scalability of this most impactful model.

Delivering high-quality comprehensive healthcare to the communities that have been systemically underserved is the most critical and compelling mission in healthcare today.

For over thirty years, I have been dedicated to improving both the experiential and clinical outcomes for patients — first…

Toyin Ajayi and Iyah Romm, Co-Founders, Cityblock Health

We were honored, today, on behalf of Cityblock Health, to add our names to the list of hundreds of American companies opposing the effort to limit the most fundamental democratic right that we all share — the right to vote. The history of racial oppression in this country has taught us that the struggle to protect and safeguard equal rights for all is never over. Now, we find ourselves, almost 60 years after the passage of the Voting Rights Act, facing a moral imperative. …

What a Series C Extension round means for our member population

Dr. Toyin Ajayi, Bay Gross, and Iyah Romm

This week we announced an extension to our Series C fundraising round. Tiger Global led the $192 million raise, bringing the total investment to the Cityblock care model to about $500 million.

This funding will enable us to accelerate the deployment of our community and value-based care model, bringing desperately needed transformation to the most vulnerable and underserved communities across the country. …

Leveraging my experience in consumer digital health to serve those most in need

Dr. Jennifer Schneider, M.D, M.S.

At this moment, our country is hurting, but I believe we are on the path to healing. Many of our communities are filled with deep unrest and extreme health disparities, brought on by too many years of care inequity and racism. If it wasn’t already clear, the pandemic made it obvious that a radical transformation of community health is one of the systemic changes we must make as a country.

In this challenging time of our nation’s history, the mission and the work of Cityblock is more important than ever. …

What $160 million in Series C financing for Cityblock Health means for Medicaid and lower-income Medicare beneficiaries

Dr. Toyin Ajayi, Bay Gross, and Iyah Romm

Today, three years after we launched Cityblock from Alphabet’s Sidewalk Labs, we are excited to announce our Series C funding round, furthering our mission to radically transform the health of marginalized communities.

At the end of one of the most challenging years of all of our lives, we are taking a moment to reflect on what this moment represents and to redouble our focus and commitment to the path ahead.

As first-time founders of a venture-backed company, we have had to very quickly learn the norms and lingo of this world that…

And we’re taking several other steps to make sure our teams and the members we serve are able to safely exercise their right to vote this election.

We’re grateful for policy recommendations from and resources from VotER, and for all the people and organizations working to make sure all Americans are able to safely vote this November.

At Cityblock, we’re doing our part to make sure our teams and the members we serve have the resources they need to vote on or before Election Day. Here’s a quick overview of the steps we’re taking.

We made November 3, 2020…

How COVID-19, undoing systemic racism, and value-based care should shape the future of healthcare

Toyin Ajayi and Iyah Romm

Where we are today

When we wrote about the crisis within the crisis back in April, we were in the first chapter of the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, our worst fears about the disproportionate toll that would be borne by Black and Brown communities, the fissures and disparities that COVID-19 would lay bare, have been realized.

Meeting the needs of our Cityblock members and our teams during this incredibly challenging time in our country’s history has required us to grow as leaders, to shift and change our ways of working as an organization, and to remain ever focused on…

How our company value to “Be All In” drives the type of behavioral and social services we deliver during COVID-19 and beyond.

Ari Rosner, Head of Social Care
Juliana Ekong, Associate Chief Health Officer

In a post from our co-founders Iyah and Toyin on April 16th, we discussed what the COVID-19 crisis had meant so far for Cityblock and our members.

This post is part of a series about our response to COVID-19 and how our work has been guided by our company values: Put Members First, Be All In, Bring Your Whole Self, Aim for Understanding, and Lean into Discomfort.

Today, we explore how our value of Be All In has guided us as we develop additional member initiatives in response…

Cityblock Health

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