At Cityblock, we’ve made Election Day a paid company holiday

And we’re taking several other steps to make sure our teams and the members we serve are able to safely exercise their right to vote this election.

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We’re grateful for policy recommendations from and resources from VotER, and for all the people and organizations working to make sure all Americans are able to safely vote this November.

At Cityblock, we’re doing our part to make sure our teams and the members we serve have the resources they need to vote on or before Election Day. Here’s a quick overview of the steps we’re taking.

We made November 3, 2020 a paid company holiday.

Busy work schedules are a big reason a lot of Americans don’t vote. We’re encouraging our team members to vote early or by mail if their state allows it, but we also want to be sure that nothing prohibits a Cityblock team member from voting on November 3rd — or from using that time to help others in their network to vote, by driving a neighbor or family member to the polls, helping provide food to those facing long lines or watching a friend’s kids for a few hours.

“Giving Election Day off as a holiday for your workforce allows them to support and cheer on others as they exercise their civic duties, whether serving as poll workers, providing rides to the polls, volunteering for voter protection, or offering childcare support for election day voters and poll workers.” —

We’re giving all Cityblock team members up to four hours of time off to volunteer.

No matter what their political views or key issues of interest are, we know that many of our team members feel deeply invested in the outcome of this election and are eager to spend time supporting causes that advance voter rights and education. In the lead-up to November 3rd, Cityblock is providing each member of the team with up to four hours of time off that they can use to volunteer ahead of the election in any way that they choose.

We’re not dictating how our colleagues spend their time, but we’ve suggested phone banking, volunteering as a poll worker, or providing rides to voters, and are encouraging folks to share resources.

We’ve added registration and turnout talking points to member touchpoints.

Cityblock is dedicated to making sure our members have the resources they need to lead healthy and full lives — and we believe exercising the right to vote is an important part of that.

We’re working with our care team members to integrate voter registration and turnout talking points into the day-to-day conversations they’re already having with our members about their health. And we’re providing our colleagues with resources so they know how to help if a member has questions about registration or needs help making a plan to vote.

There’s still time to implement voting-friendly policies. Check out for more resources.

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